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9 x 9 – Organic Gardening

9 X 9 Organic Garden

Garden to Fork – Quick and Easy Recipes Using Fresh Ingredients from your Home Garden

Garden to Fork Recipe Book

The People’s Perception on the Vitogo River Flooding

This research looks at the implications of climate change on land development and the level of accommodation by the government’s mission on climate change mitigation by […]

Understanding women and their spaces

This research looks at ethnic Fijian women and their spaces in economic, social and political action. The rationale for the research was to inquire into whether […]

Matanitu Kauwai

Governance and development are western constructs. Having them implemented in the Pacific automatically turns them into transplants.

Childhood and its impact on perceptions of violence

A Rapid Assessment on Domestic Violence Experienced by Boys and Men in Fiji by Marie Jane Fatiaki

FRIEND – Catalogue

FRIEND Fiji Style® products are 100% free of any artificial preservatives. All ingredients have been sourced from local farmers who use traditional agriculture practices. Our gluten-free […]

Voices from Ground Zero; a FRIEND experience post TC Winston in Ra province, Fiji

The frequency of disasters like cyclones is expected to increase in the small island developing states of the Pacific region. The complex disaster and post disaster […]