FRIEND’S FIJI STYLE is a unique community-based specialty shop
that provides an outlet to rural communities to showcase, promote, and sell their products. It is a place where they can develop and enhance enterprise skills and earn regular incomes to support their families and loved ones. FRIEND’S FIJI STYLE fulfills the FRIEND vision and mission to alleviate poverty. The shop product range includes a wide variety of foods, clothes, handicraft and stationery. These products are made using available local resources and traditional skills. Each of the FRIEND’S FIJI STYLE products has a unique story—and community—behind it. At the shop you can purchase signature food products like Chutneys, Pickles, Jams, and Pure Honey; favorites from our clothing line includng sarees, sarongs, scarves, and calico bags; and handmade cards available in quill, masi, and sand designs for all occasions! Please visit us today and be a part of FRIEND’S latest poverty alleviation initiative. Vinaka!


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