FRIEND will soon be able to run on solar energy thanks to a capital grant from AUSAID for purchase and installation of solar grid solution for all the energy needs at the headquarters. In what has become a new ‗landmark‘ on the Kings Road, FRIEND headquarters is located around 16 km out of Lautoka, towards Ba. With the location of FRIEND‘s headquarters in a rural setting, for bet-ter access to rural communities, it is essential for the organization to be able to have the capacity to harness power. Unfortunately, due to the remote location, there are recurrent power fluctuations which can take a substantial amount of time to rectify. This causes difficulties for all of our operations, from production to administration. As the produc-tions grow the energy needs will also increase. The best energy option suggested by experts point towards investment in a solar powered system with capacity of producing at least 18-20 KWH/Day.


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May 29, 2011

Takitaki Issue 5