To sustain its poverty alleviation initiatives in under-served communities in Fiji, FRIEND works with a number of national and international donor partners. These include:

  • European Union

Through its three year Social Mitigation Support Programme, the EU offered a grant of 2.8 million Euros to fund FRIEND’s GROW initiatives in backyard poultry, cash cropping, beekeeping and the youth employment network. The EU also funded FRIEND’s new Food Production Centre and Seed Bank. The GROW project was run from 2012-2014 working with families in sugar cane belt areas as part of the EU Social Mitigation Support Program.


The Australian Government Overseas AID Programme has provided core funding as well as project funds since 2005. Australian Aid money has been used for community governance, livelihood support, and crop rehabilitation as well as disaster mitigation and adaptation programs.


The New Zealand AID Programmehas provided funds for various FRIEND initiatives such as community governance and rehabilitation, education and disaster management programs.

  • Canada Fund

The Canadian Government AID agency funds various initiatives making money available for a number of Income Generating Projects by donating food dryers, a paper processing machine and Virgin Coconut Oil extractors.

  • Motibhai Group of Companies

The prestigious Motibhai Group is a marketing partner taking on the distributorship and merchandising of Friend’s Fiji Style® products in the local market.

Our other valued partners include:

  • Secretariat of the Pacific Community
  • Foundation for the People of the South Pacific International
  • European Union Education Sector
  • Asia Pacific Ladies Friendship Society