A Tale of Traditional Tastes

Tukuni in the i Taukei language of Fiji is more than a story, it is a tale of traditions, of sacred messages codified by the elderly narrators in ways that the younger listeners can slowly digest and understand until their maturity deserves the real version of it.



TUKUNI restaurant is a rendezvous for storytellers organized around the common love for traditional Fijian food and the richness of our past.

TUKUNI is dedicated to serving delicious, creative and authentic Fijian cuisine that appeals to anyone searching for a true Fijian experience.

Rural, hardworking and proud Fijian farmers and fishermen supply the produce, meat and seafood for Tukuni and the meals are prepared by experts in our traditional food who inherited the art from their elders and have mastered the tastes over years of experience. Our menu is rich with options for those with special dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free.

The TUKUNI Experience

Tukuni transcends a unique museum themed restaurant, displaying true Fijian hospitality, quality and tastes of its cuisine maintaining the health and organic nature of its ingredients.  The meals are freshly made using traditional methods, grinding spices by hand on ancient stone implements that are imbued with flavors from rural kitchens, and cooked over an open fire or fuel-efficient clay Chula fireplace. A daily changing menu supported by the most delectable produce of the season drawn straight from the farm and sea features dishes such as ika tavu (Smoked fish), kokoda (marinated fish in coconut) , free range chicken and duck curries, Fiji’s favorite red rice, maize roti and a range of top quality root crops.

Special delicacies include octopus, shellfish and sea grapes, and a great selection of vegetarian dishes that include rourou (taro leaves) and dhal soup the way grandma used to make.

 TUKUNI’s natural ecological décor pays tribute to Fijian forebears and their way of life, through woven coconut and bamboo, traditional mats, rustic shelving, solid wood furniture and a tapa tapestry on the ceiling made collectively by the people of the island of Namuka. A strip around one wall is strikingly illustrated with depictions of traditional life, farming, fishing and food.

The restaurant has an impressive panoramic view of Tuvu Bay, its hills and the island landscape that sets the real scenery behind the origins of the many elements that contribute to Tukuni’s unique character.  Guests  can stroll the compound to see how vegetable waste, from cane tops to kosa (dregs of kava or yaqona) are used to make paper and acquire a new skill learning to make cards; look at the solar food dryers and can even follow the outdoor fitness track (500m) with nine exercise stations made of natural and recycled materials.


We believe that there is so much to share from the origins of our delicacies, from the roots of fruity flavors, and the storytelling around our cultural banquets.

Tukuni offers this wholesome experience.

Our kitchen doors are open for you to wind down the Fijian clock.


We see a world nourished and blissfully enjoying the pristine nature of Fijian dining.


Every time we meet you are enriched because we share with you our heart, our identity, our ancestral legacies and the pride we have in the Fijian Cuisine.



At TUKUNI we celebrate the inspirations we draw from lushness of our wilderness and the wisdom of our cultures. The food that is served represents the heart of this celebration. We have pride in telling our story, Our Tukuni the right way.


Amazing authentic Fijian food

Exceeding expectations

Pride in the Fijian way

Care for Mother Nature


What does Tukuni mean?

Tukuni is an i Taukei term that means a tale. The i Taukei people preserved and shared their history and way of living through tales and stories that was passed down through generations through the oral tradition of Tukuni. At Tukuni we share the story of traditional Fijian cuisine through food and an appreciation of Fiji’s cultures through the arts and aesthetics that diners experience at the restaurant.


What’s with the taro leaf logo?

The Taro (Dalo) leaf is that of a significant cultural staple plant in Fiji. The taro plant represents wholesomeness- the root is a favorite staple, the stem is the replanting – portion that allows for a continuous supply, the stalk is a rich source of protein and the leaf is a known superpower in vegetable nutritional content globally.

The taro leaf represents the diverse wholesome food superpowers in the Fijian ecosystem.

Where do you source your produce from?

Every single dish is made in our restaurant, fresh from nature, every single day supplied by organic farmers and fishermen. You can see our local cooks hard at work in the kitchen.

All our ingredients are of the finest quality sourced locally. Nothing is shipped in from overseas. No pre-made sauces or worse, re-heated meals.

(Allergy sufferers and those with special dietary requirements are well catered for with a vast range of gluten free, dairy free and vegan options.)

Are you child-friendly?

We certainly are! Lots of our dishes are healthy and child-friendly finger foods

(We also have high chairs and nappy changing facilities).