Ten years have passed and it seems we are still such a long way from our goal….. But I am very very thankful to all those who have made our journey happen so far… I had the idea that the work needed to happen in this direction but events of 2000 prompted me to take action. I am very thankful that when I discussed with my friends they stood by me and were willing to support…what seemed like a crazy idea at the time. First I would like to thank Marie Chan, a dear friend who was also embarking on her own journey to start her own Law practice. But when I asked she happily gave me a $1000 loan to start…I did ask her for subse-quent loan and paid her back but that support at the time was timely. Not only that, every time I went back to Suva she made time for me to brainstorm. While heavily pregnant with her second child she travelled into the interior areas with me as we explored possi-bilities.


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August 29, 2012

Takitaki Issue 8